E-Sports aren't just a hobby...It's a Passion.

Rising from the Ashes

Phoenix (mythology)
The phoenix is consistently characterized as a bird with brightly colored plumage, which, after a long life, dies in a fire of its own making only to rise again from the ashes, from which a new phoenix is reborn stronger and wiser than the one before

Come and rise with us.....

This is who Phoenix Elite Network is at its core. We have grown as a community and will continue to grow through the fires that we create and Rising from the Ashes, building on dedication, strength, and passion to be the best Competitive  Community in the world 


Our Value As An Organization

We here at PEN believing in helping those that need to help. We are supporters of the National Suicide Prevention and Teen Suicide Prevention. This organization is a safe place and welcome individuals from all walks of life. 


PEN Hype 2018

About US

Our background


We are a competitive organization. We have been around since 2012. 

Our games we play


We play Battlefield, Rainbow 6 Seige, Overwatch, PUBG, Fortnite and various other games competitively. 

We are on Xbox, PC and PS4

Our Philosophy


We believe in sportsmanship first. The sport is the game, and we are all in it together. While we are very competitive, we  also want to support all the competitors as we strive to make the sport of competitive gaming great. We work every day to better ourselves and to better the game.


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